4 Ways Color Can Influence Web Design

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When you first come across a website, we usually notice the graphical elements like pictures, videos, and flashy animations. But, at least on first glance, we do not take notice of the color scheme that is used on the actual website.

Color can actually have a huge impact when it comes to web design. In fact, careful and effective use of color can increase or decrease your chances of maintaining customer retention. That being said, here are some ways color can influence website design based on the website creation company:


  1. The Importance of Color in Web Design

There was a study conducted by the Institute for Color Research and their findings suggest that you only have 90 seconds to convince a person to say on a website. Among all of the respondents, a whopping 62% of them have stated that color can influence their minds if they want to stay longer or not.

Since we deem our sense of sight as our most important bodily senses, then it is just important that you take notice of the colors that you use on your website alone. Remember, using colors in an effective color is already backed by research, so at this point, it is no longer a subjective matter.

  1. Colors Can Invite Your Target Audience

When you closely look at the product advertisements for children’s toys and men’s apparel, for example, you will find that the former usually has a lot more vibrant colors than the latter.

This is because children are more stimulated if they see more colorful environments. Adults, on the other hand, want a more simplistic approach, so companies usually make use of only muted colors like black, dark blue, or gray on their product ads.

That being said, color can help entice your target audience. When you want to attract the millennials or the youth in general, you may want to use more vibrant colors. If you want to attract adults and professionals, you may want to stick with the staples like the ones mentioned earlier.

There is one important thing that you should remember: if you’re using different types of colors, make sure that you do not use any color that might offend a certain race or a certain group of people.

  1. Contrast Can Be a Powerful Thing

Try to read texts with a background that is just as close as the color used in the font. I am pretty sure that you’re going to have a hard time and you’re most likely going to be annoyed by it.

Contrast can be a powerful thing, which means that you have to use different colors depending on the content that you want to use.

So, if you’re using a predominantly lighter background, you would want to use a darker color for your texts to make it more legible.

  1. Color Staples

There are certain colors you want to use based on the product or service that you want to offer. For instance, for social media or banking sites, you want to build trust with every user, so you want to use Blue. That color is mostly associated with trust and openness which is the reason why most sites like Facebook and Twitter use Blue as their main color.

Research is key if you want to hold your target audience.