5 Helpful Tips That Will Beat the Odds at the Casino

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1. Don’t play Keno.

The winning chances at keno are terrible. In fact, in some casinos, the house edge is at 35%. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that no player has ever matched the 20 numbers on a ticket with 20 spots. There are lots of other online casino games in Thailand! Turn away from keno.

2. Practice makes perfect.

The house always has an advantage, but if you want to explore the exception to that rule, try playing video poker. Usually, the casino only has a 0.46% edge in this game. Some even lean in the player’s favor. The payoff is high, and the pay table is posted at the machine itself. There is a catch, though. In order to cash out, you must learn how to play and strategize at an expert level.
Casinos make big profits on video poker since most players are not experience enough. If you want to win big on even just one video poker game, study up.

3. Say no to “free” alcoholic drinks.

At the end of the day, it’s always better to buy your own drinks. Nothing in the casino industry is free, most especially the “free booze.” Familiarize yourself with the so-called “player reinvestment.” This concept predicts the amount of cash players lose, and then returns that cut through comps.

4. Invest in a classy timepiece.

There is an important reason why you don’t see windows or clocks on the casino floor. The house really want their players to lose track of time, so they would spend more money and play games for as long as possible. The solution? Get a versatile watch that you can wear every gambling session.

5. Stay away from bright colors and light.

90% of the people who enter the casino have zero idea about all the odds stacked against them. However, if you know exactly what you are looking for, it’s quite easy to see where all the worst odds are. Those games with the worst odds are the most attractive ones. Watch out for bright colors and flashing lights.