6 Cutting-Edge Web Design Trends in 2018

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In just about everything in life, we continually use one thing and we’re also hoping for changes in the future as well.

The same thing goes for web design. There are plenty of design trends that website development company can implement onto their website to make it fresh, engaging, and functional at the same time.

If you’re looking to add new things to your own web page, then read on to find out more about some cutting-edge web design trends in 2018.

1. More Saturated Color Schemes

Back in the day, we are only limited to colors that are not overly saturated and ones that do not overpower the vision of the user.

However, that has changed since 2016. More and more websites are using bold, saturated, and vibrant colors onto their websites, achieving impressive results.

The reason why this is more prevalent in the recent years is that more and more displays (whether on a mobile phone or computer monitors) can support these overly saturated colors without destroying the overall design scheme of the site.

This makes for impressive backgrounds and the only limiting factor is the developers and designers’ imaginations.

2. Increasing Mobile Crowd

With more people using their smartphones, webmasters and developers need to make sure that they both cater to the mobile and the desktop crowd.

Although it is understandable that some site elements are not applicable to the mobile crowd, the ability to add another function that is not present in their desktop counterparts is just a needed compromise.

Not catering to the ever-increasing mobile population is a huge mistake. Better make sure that your web pages’ support both mobile and desktop platforms.

3. Moving Backgrounds

Back in the day, we’re only limited to using static backgrounds and ones that are dull and boring. But, that is not the case anymore in 2018.

In fact, you can implement these new so-called “particle backgrounds” that enable your background to come to life. In other words, this design element allows for a moving backdrop which makes it more appealing for your customers and visitors.

4. More Custom Illustrations

Artists now have full creative control when it comes to website illustrations. Gone are the days where you are restricted to following stringent guidelines. You can basically upload and use your own custom-made illustration so long as it fits the brand and the tone you wish to convey.

5. Interactive Animations

While you can implement moving backgrounds safely now, you can also include some interactive animations as well.

What I mean by this is that you can now incorporate illustrations or design elements that move based on the visitors’ behavior. Suppose that they buy something, you could implement a star that appears on the foreground whenever they make a successful purchase. You can also include these animations anywhere on the site to increase customer engagement.

6. Large and Bold Typography

Letters can create words that can help make a message more comprehensible. In the past, website developers should only be allowed to use the Sans Serif font family because it allows for easier reading for the site visitors.

However, a combination of all of the different typographies is pretty much welcome now and you can let your creative juices flow to make your messages be seen and be appreciated more than ever before.


Thankfully, 2018 has brought some amazing web design trends. From moving backgrounds to interactive animations, you, as the developer, must implement some or all of these elements to make your website truly stand out and become more modernized than your competition.