6 Most Common Website Design Mistakes

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1. Failure to update web content regularly

The digital area have brought us amazing technological advances, but it also opened doors to cybersecurity risks. This is the reason why keeping plugins and themes completely updated is essential. You need to keep your domain updated–don’t fall victim to hackers.

2. Failure to deal with poorly optimized web pages

There is nothing worse than clicking a specific link, and seeing “page not found.” Plenty of websites lose prospective conversions by failing to write product descriptions. To avoid these problems, you need to focus on your pages 100% of the time.

3. Failure to use a responsive web design

Do you know that a huge percentage of modern searches are now conducted on tablets and mobile phones? Leverage on this new habit and way of life. Make sure your website can display well on various devices, even on smaller screens. That way, you can reach a wider set of audiences.

4. Failure to Pay Attention on Website Analytics

Many website owners make the mistake of overlooking analytics data. They install it through Google Webmaster Tools, but fail to use it once it’s installed. The only way to measure your website’s success is to dig down into the data, and check how visitors navigating around the web pages.

5. Depending on a Free Website Builder

Several companies are now utilizing website builders with drag and drop features. These platforms allow people to make their own web pages without any coding knowledge, and launching them in just a few minutes. If you have problems with your budget, consider buying a premium theme.

6. Poor use of footers, sidebars and headers

Website owners often assume that footers, sidebars and heading areas are developed exclusively for ads. However, if a website shows a big number of banners and ads, consider it a red flag. These areas are better used for extra navigation within the website.