6 Tips to Help You Organize a Perfect Event

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They say that the best event organisers are the people who plan the perfect strategy for his or her troops to execute.

That is basically the gist of what they do and that is why they are vital when it comes to preparing and making events successful.What do you need to do in order to make a perfect event? Here are some strategies:

1. What is the Main Objective?

You cannot create a plan without a set objective. What are your goals and the purpose of the upcoming event? Knowing this beforehand will give you an idea of what your next actions will be.

So, if you’re hosting a charity event, for example, what charities will you invite? What kind of entertainment are you going to hire? And who is the audience? Is it mostly the sponsors or there are kids as well?

2. How Many People Are Going?

It goes without saying that you need to have, at least, a rough estimate of how many people you think are going to the said event.

If it is going to be an intimate one with fewer than 100 guests, you could send out invites and put an RSVP so that they can tell you if they’re going or not.

However, if the event is something large scale, it would be nearly impossible for you to track them. You could base it on ticket sales, but what if there are people who buy tickets on the day of the actual occasion?

Well, your strategy would need to be flexible to account for these changes. If it is a large scale event, create a rough estimate based on the pre-event ticket sales and add a little bit of cushion to account for the people who are buying more tickets at the day of the event.

3. Venue

This is actually going to be the place where the event will be held and so, you have to do this early in the planning process. The venue you’re going to get will depend entirely on how many guests you’re trying to invite and what kind of event it is going to be.

For formal occasions, you want a venue that captivates the guests. For informal events, any place that can house as many people as possible whilst also maintaining some form of class would be appropriate.

4. Catering Service

Another part of the planning process that would require a lot of money would be what catering service to choose. If you have a catering service in mind and you’ve asked them to cater for you in past events, then you can go for that.

However, if your budget doesn’t allow that, mainly because they’re expensive, you could opt for a much cheaper option, albeit research would be needed to ensure that the quality of service would still be there.

5. Get Some Quotes

With so many things that would require money- from the catering service to the entertainment, and also to the VIPs- you need to get a price quote in advance.

This is so that you can get an estimate of how much money you need to take out of your budget. Most event planners know that they are running on a limited budget, and therefore, it is of utmost importance that you can get, at least, a rough estimate of the things that would require you to pay some dough.

6. Direct Marketing and PR Strategies

An event will be for naught if it isn’t marketed properly. You want as many people to know about the occasion, otherwise, your ticket revenues will suffer.

Have a team of dedicated marketers and PR strategists to handle this. They need to come up with marketing materials and they must use online means to help boost your event’s visibility.