8 Useful Android and iOS Mobile Apps That will Simplify Your Daily Life

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Did you just upgrade your smartphone? Are you searching for the most efficient iPhone and Android applications? Do you want to install useful apps that would make your life a lot easier? Below are tried and tested applications that can simplify your daily routine.


Looking for an effective event reminder native app development? If you always forget important dates such as meetings, anniversaries and birthdays, then Remindo is for you. You can download it for free, whether you are an iPhone or Android user. One of its best features? Audio note.


Mustbin provides the best approach in organizing, storing, capturing and sharing your crucial details and priceless moments. It is designed for iOS users, and is available in the App Store for free. This reliable app can secure important details in so-called “bins” that can shared securely and safely with your friends and family.


Fetchnotes provides the easiest, most convenient way to monitor your things, and collaborate with other people. Because of its easy and wonderful features, you can call it your best friend.


Through Springpad, your daily life will become even more organized. It is a personal organizer app that allows you to organize and save all your notes, tasks, recipes and a lot more.



Are you thinking of challenging your memory and brain? Lumosity is the leader of brain training sciences! It can train your attention and memory through a customized training program.


CamScanner is the perfect app to download if you are looking for a reliable phone PDF scanner and creator. It helps you store, sync, scan and collaborate several content.


Do you love sharing jokes and music to your friends? If yes, then ShareApp is a mobile application designed especially for you. This innovative iOS app helps users share audio files and jokes on WhatsApp. WhatsApp doesn’t really allow its users to share music files directly, so this would be very useful and convenient.

Wallet TrackR App + Hardware

Through this Wallet TrackR app, you can easily search for your lost wallets, cards, keys and more. All you need to do is attach the Wallet TrackR device to these items, and install the app in your mobile phone.