How to Resolve an Issue with Your Website Host

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  • Give your web hosting provider clear details and instructions.

Look for the best web hosting companies in Malaysia that can help you solve your website issues well. Whether you make a phone call, send an email or open a ticket, make sure to give clear details about the issue you are experiencing. 

  • Consider your company history.

Don’t get angry with your provider if their team is having a hard time fixing your web hosting problem. If you have experienced good customer service before, then maybe solving the issue is just taking a bit more time. This can happen with any web host. Don’t just move your entire business elsewhere. Just communicate well with them, and hope for the best. 

  • Work on the problem, and allow adequate support time.

An offline web pages can lose lots of money and customers. It’s normal to feel frustrated and annoyed when a problem is not addressed instantly. However, you need to understand that your website host is probably dealing with lots of other issues. Wait for a response for around 13 to 25 hours.

  • Learn more about the knowledge base.

When your website is not working, you may want to start going through Knowledge Base, and different forums at your host’s platform. Other clients may be undergoing the same exact issue, or may have encountered it from way back. Look for some possible solutions that you can do all by yourself.