Nifty Web Development Tricks You Can Do as a Developer

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One great thing about being a developer is that you can do a lot of things, provided that you know the codes for it. In this article, I will talk about some nifty tricks that you can do when you’re creating a website.

1. Clickable Active Calls

Nifty Web Development Tricks You Can Do as a DeveloperOne of the perks of using a mobile phone when browsing the internet is that they have the ability to make calls. As the specialist web developer, you can actually make sure that whenever a person taps on the number that is provided in your “About” page, that a call will be made shortly after.

To do this, all you have to do is wrap your company’s phone number with an <a href> tag instead of using the conventional http://. For instance, you can use:

<a href=”tel:3231546″>3231546</a>

2. Navigation bars in a Fixed Position

When you’re catering to the mobile crowd, you have to make sure that a particular feature is supported by their respective operating systems.

For example, the contact or navigation bar at the bottom of the page might be fixed when viewed on desktop browsers, but they turn to static whenever it is viewed on a mobile device.

It is safe to say that most mobile operating systems nowadays support this particular feature, but for everything else, you might have to do some prior research.

3. Use Sprite Me for CSS Elements

A website can be filled with a lot of images, but if they are not optimized, you run the risk of having a website that is slow to load; putting off a lot of potential customers.

That being said, you can actually turn some CSS elements such as icons, backgrounds, and buttons into what is known as ‘Sprites’ to help speed up the loading process.

This might sound like a lot of work (and it actually is if you do it manually), but there is a program called “SpriteMe” that does all of the hard work for you.

4. Use Codekit on Mac

If you are running a Mac computer to create a website, there is a nifty software called “Codekit” that provides you with some nifty features including an easier compiling method of Sass and Javascript, better Image optimization, and it is highly-coveted browser reloading feature as well. You might have to fork some additional cost since this program is not for free, but I assure you that your development time will be cut in half if you use such a program.

5. Always Use Media Queries

Nifty Web Development Tricks You Can Do as a DeveloperSince there is more than one device now that can be used to access the internet, using Media Queries can help immensely.

They help scale content based on the device’s screen resolution so that it can maintain its high-quality no matter what device you’re using.

This can be quite cumbersome when done manually, but there are certain tools that can help you with the job. Use a CSS framework such as Amazium, for example, as it replaces complex media queries with simple semantic classes instead.