Tips on How to Have a Free Wedding

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So, you want a beautiful and meaningful wedding? At first you think with careful budgeting, it would work. But, you always end up way beyond your budget. Let me tell you this. If you really want an amazing wedding, you definitely can, even without opening your purse. Be open in planning your own wedding with low to zero costs in mind.

Till Debt Do Us Part

Always remember that a wedding ceremony and reception established on debt is facing a lifetime of monthly payments. This is not a good way to start a good married life. Don’t follow a trend that is founded on impracticality. Never spend beyond your means. Let your experienced wedding & party planner know about your budget.

Not Really Free

Actually, there are no free weddings. A future bride and groom need to pay for the registrar and various wedding papers. If you are Catholic, you won’t be able to skip the church ceremony, as well as the fees that come with it. Nevertheless, you can still get the other necessities for free. How? Here are some tips:

1. Have an Intimate Wedding

Every bride dreams of a grand wedding. However, that is not always achievable. It can cripple you financially for the rest of your life. Decide on the number of wedding guests. Are you sure you want to invite 300 people? Why not consider only your closest friends and relatives. Maybe around 20, 6, or 4 people? For others 25 is a great number.

2. Have a Free Wedding Reception Venue

It is a fact that a wedding reception can amount to around $5,000. But, do you know that you can do it for free? Here’s a list that can help you:

  • Backyard
  • Church Grounds
  • Beaches
  • Parks
  • Other Unusual Locations

3. Have Free Food

It is not a mainstream idea, but people actually do potluck weddings. The most budget conscious couples do this. If your guests are your most intimate friends, then surely, they wouldn’t mind to bring food to your reception. This will be their wedding gift for you.

4. Free Cake

If your mother, mother-in-law, or anyone else in the family is good in making homemade cakes, why not ask him or her to make one for your special day? It may not be a huge, well-decorated one just like in those wedding magazines, but it would be perfect for your wedding’s vibe.

5. Have a Free Wedding Dress

Each bride dreams of wearing a beautiful wedding dress. However, if you don’t want to buy or rent one, you don’t need to worry. You still have lots of other option. You can ask a relative or friend to lend you one for free. Another idea is to reach out to organizations that accept donated wedding gowns. These gowns can be given to bride-to-be’s who are financially unstable.

6. Have A Free Photographer

Photography services can cost you a lot of money. If you don’t want to spend anything, just ask a friend or a family member who is a budding photographer. After all, you are sure to feel more confident and comfortable in striking poses in front of someone you know. The best thing about this? There is no fee!

7. Have a Free DJ

This one is easy. There really is no need for a live performance for a DJ or any other artist. Why would you pay someone thousands of dollars if you can use iTunes or Spotify? All you need is a high-quality speaker to ensure great entertainment in your wedding party.

8. Have a Free Bouquet

For your bouquet, you can either use fresh flowers from your own backyard, or some artificial DIY ones. Do you know that you can make flowers from tissue and colored papers? Summon your creative juices. This is not only cost-effective; it’s also fun to do.

9. Have Free Wedding Invitations

Just like flowers, you can resort to do-it-yourself wedding invitations. All you need to do is search online for customizable and printable stationeries. The only materials you need to spend on are ink and paper.