Tried and Tested Tips to Help You Last Longer in Bed

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If you search over the internet for tips on how to last longer in bed, you will find that there are actually quite a number of misconceptions being thrown around.

As a sex therapist, I am appalled by the information that is presented in so many fronts. I am writing this article today to help debunk some of the most common myths that are being thrown around over the internet so that you will only get the facts.

1. Distraction Can Help You Last Longer in Bed

You might have come across information that you can last longer during sex if you think about something completely different. This is just pure and utter BS. I would argue that think about your partner instead of thinking about something else can provide a huge benefit.

You see, even if you finish off too quickly if you focus more on what makes her happy instead of fulfilling your fantasies, that will have a more profound effect on your relationship.
Furthermore, once you think about your partner more, you will invariably take off some of the stress and anxiety that you feel, especially towards your performance, thus allowing you to perform so much better than thinking about something arbitrary.

2. Using the ‘Start-and-Stop Method’

This is another quite common tip that’s been passed around a lot. Using the start-and-stop method would, purportedly, help you decrease the urge to ejaculate, therefore, allowing you to press forward.

However, this is a technique that has a complete disregard of the processes of ejaculation. You see, the feeling that you are about to come off is the final phase of the process, which means that ejaculation starts way before that.
Furthermore, doing this technique forces men to completely disregard how their partner feels about the sex, given that they have to stop for about 30 seconds or so just to let the feeling wane.

What you can do instead is to focus on foreplay. Even if you cannot last long during sexual intercourse, if you had a long enough foreplay session, then she will love you for it.

3. Kegel Exercises Can Cure Premature Ejaculation

Kegel exercises have been known to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and it was deemed by some so-called ‘experts’ to be the cure for PE (without using medications), but again, this is utter BS.
Although these exercises help pregnant women, this will not help a man in any way at all because it tenses the Pelvic floor muscles, which is actually the problem of PE in the first place.
What you should do instead is to learn how to decrease the tension of the muscles so that it will have far better control.

Practice and Have Fun

More importantly, you do not have to follow these myths at all because they do not work. Instead, just relax and have fun. Part of the reason why men suffer from PE is through psychological factors and being too tensed or stress is just part of them.
Instead, just have fun, have more sex, and eventually, you will have far greater control over your genitals.