Web Hosting vs. Domain Registration Explained

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How Hosting and Domains Work

Top web hosting and area registration are frequently paired together. Be that as it may, it’s
critical to understand exactly what they do.

Area Registration

Internet addresses are technical “IP Addresses.” IP addresses are a long series of numbers that
make no sense to people.
So instead of composing in to access a website, the website owner can register
an area that will route to that specific IP address.
When you register an area name, you are leasing it from the Internet Corporation for Names
and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN provides spaces by means of approved registrars.
An area does do nothing without anyone else. Registration provides you the privilege to “point”
your area wherever you need.
You can tell it to redirect to another website – But generally, you’ll need it to direct browsers to
your website… on your hosting account.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a record on a server that “has” your website files.
In the event that you don’t have an area “pointed” to your hosting account, you can access it
with a series of numbers in an IP address.
While you can technically construct your very own server at home, the vast majority purchase
hosting from a hosting organization.
A hosting organization is an organization that possesses a lot of pre-configured servers that
they lease out as per different plans.
They will, as a rule, include directions on the most proficient method to “point” your space to
your hosting account. They’ll likewise provide directions for software to construct and manage
your website.
In any case, there are generally a few other terms that confuse issues.
DNS (otherwise known as Domain Name System)
DNS is a system that does the real work for making an interpretation of your area name into an
IP address. It tends to be separate from your area registration and your hosting account.
Normally, the area registrar or your hosting organization will provide you with a DNS.

Content Management System

You can technically write and transfer plain HTML files to your hosting account. Most website
owners need to edit and manage their websites directly.
A content management system (CMS) is software that enables you to manufacture, edit, and
manage all your website files from a single dashboard. A CMS must be installed on your hosting
WordPress is the Internet’s most regular content management system. In any case, there is a
heap of choices. I wrote a WordPress setup guide here.

Website Builder/eCommerce Software

You can introduce and run a wide range of software on your hosting account server. There are
devices that permit simplified usefulness, eCommerce usefulness, or anything you can dream
Remember that this software runs on a hosting account that you access by means of a space

Step by step instructions to Get Started

So how would you get started with area registration and web hosting?
Well – it depends on what you need to do. There is a lot of choices that you can combine to
create different setups. It very well may be confounding. However, nearly all choices come
down to three common ways.

Purchase Domain and Hosting Separately

In this way, you register your space at an area organization of your choice and your hosting at a
hosting organization. You’ll then “point” your area to your hosting account.
I personally use this way. The area for this site is at NameCheap, and the hosting is through
InMotion Hosting.