Signs That Your Baby Is a Genius

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The life of a new parent can be challenging and fulfilling. This week, you see yourself shopping for baby thermometers and baby carriers in Malaysia, then the next day it’s all about baby teeth care. Surely, one of the things that you would focus on soon is your baby’s education. Do you know that lots of parents feel that their children are gifted? Gifted children, though, is a very rare occurrence. Here are some signs that your baby is a genius

  • Gifted babies focus on their interests for long periods. 

Gifted children are always able to focus on their interests for a longer period of time. Whether it is playing a musical instrument, or reading short stories, a gifted kid will have amazing determination and focus as she learns new skills. 

  • Gifted babies are always alert.

One of the earliest signs of being gifted is alertness. Is your baby always aware and alert of her environment. Gifted babies usually make early eye contact with individuals, and quickly connect different voices with multiple family members. Sometimes, they are perceived as difficult since they sleep less, and are more sensitive to textures and light. 

  • Gifted babies meet their milestones early.

A baby girl who does everything early is considered a genius. Look into your child’s developmental milestones, from muscle skills to speech. 

  • Gifted babies have good problem-solving skills.

Gifted toddlers, most of the time, can solve problems that may seem beyond her age. 

  • Gifted babies have high interests in languages.

It’s normal for gifted babies to focus on speech a lot earlier. This means that they can also speak earlier, compared to other kids their age. They also show a very early interest in reading and books.  

  • Gifted babies have good memories.

Gifted kids often amaze and impress their parents early with their sharp memories. For instance, a gifted baby can have this unique ability to remember where her favorite stuffed animal is left.